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"Camp Out"
"Fat Chow Fun"
"The Good Life"
"The Rebel Rouser"
"Meteor City Music"
"Memory Motel"
"The Bride Wore Blood"
"Evening Hi-lights"
"Illegal Alien"
"Greener Pastures"
"The Devil May Care"
"Fun n' Games"
"When Push Comes to Shove"
"Polar Bare"
"Hot Tamale"
"Tank You"
"Dog Day Diva"
"Desert Delirium"
"End of the Haul"
"Greeks Bearing Edsels"
"Poodle in Peril"
"Bright Lights, Little City"
"I'd Walk a Mile"
"The ol' Brown Shoe Anew"
"Seal No Evil"
"Ship to Shore"
"Admiral Bird"