"Crankshaft Motors"
By Larry Grossman - RetroVisions

A Lockheed Constellation airliner flies low over this stylish art deco dealership which advertises "Hot Rods" on it's sign ...and they aren't kidding! Parked at the curb is Norm Grabowski's iconic "77 Sunset Strip Kookie Car" (the first T-bucket rod ever built!). And on the lot are an assortment of famous rods, including Roth's "Outlaw" (with a sign that says "one owner"),and Barris' "Ala Kart" (with a sign that says "low miles"). Inside the showroom you can spot three legends, as Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, George Barris, and Von Dutch all stand around Barris' "XMSC-210 Speed Coupe". (Ps. I appear in this picture as the salesman in the blue “sharkskin” suit by the showroom door) -- L.G.