"Muscle Car / Crankshaft Motors"
By Larry Grossman - RetroVisions

As a 707 Jetliner roars overhead, there are deals a-plenty to be had at the famous/mythical Crankshaft Motors! In addition to “Big John” Mazmanian’s famous '40's Willys gasser in the showroom, there are plenty of hot looking Mopars, Fords, and Chevy’s for sale. How about a blown straight-axle ’66 Chevy Nova (sporting a sign that says “economical”!) for only $1995 ...or a ’63 Dodge 440 for only $1695! Hey, if you can find any of these cars today at anywhere near these prices, buy them all! (Ps. I appear in this picture as the salesman in the blue “sharkskin” suit by the showroom door) -- L.G.