"Lefty's Lightning Fast Service" Daytime
By Larry Grossman - RetroVisions

Out in the high desert a B-25 bomber flies overhead through the clear blue sky as World War II Ace Captain "Lefty" surveys the awesomeness of his vintage P-38 "Lightning" Fighter plane mounted above the pumps at his classic Mobile station! Meanwhile, a bad-ass '33 Willys with a blown Big-Block Chevy motor roars into the driveway, just as a chopper jockey on an ol' skool Triumph is about to depart. At the pumps is a nasty looking '55 Chevy straight-axle gasser with a tilt front-end, and there's also three gorgeous babes on the scene (one is painted on the plane) to keep your interest fully up! Oh, and let's not forget the cigar-smoking dog "Skipper", over on the right curb!--L.G.