"Luck of the Draw at Lucky's Last Stop"
By Larry Grossman - RetroVisions

Lucky's Last Stop Casino is a seedy desert watering hole situated somewhere between Reno and Hell. Known far and wide as the place to go for a good time, customers straggle in from the blistering heat because they know they can get whatever they need at Lucky's ...from whiskey, to poker, to one of Lucky's girls (as it says above the door: Loose Slots). A member of the notorious "Stompers" bike gang out of Vegas has just roared up on his metalflaked chopper. But this may not be his lucky day, as he's outnumbered by several mean-looking hombres, all members of rival bike gang "Dealers in Death", who are not looking too happy to see him! Everyone's packin' heat, so let's just hope no stray slugs hit that slick black scalloped '57 Cad Kustom, or dapper looking Lucky by the door ...or a gas pump! Meanwhile, cruising by on the highway is an ol' skool '33 Ford chopped rod, and passing overhead is a huge B-36 Bomber, probably on approach to the nearby top-secret Air Force base, Area 51.--L.G.