"The Pantages Theatre"
By Larry Grossman - RetroVisions

Built in 1930, the fabulous Pantages Theatre is the ultimate in Hollywood art deco style and opulance. Over the years it has been the scene of countless star-studded premiers and gala events, including the Academy Award ceremonies from 1950 thru 1959. It was once owned by Howard Hughes, who even had an office upstairs. In the scene I have created, the year is 1934, and the dazzling premier of Frank Capra’s classic film “It Happened One Night” is in progress. The cops hold back adoring fans as Clark Gable, "The King of Hollywood" (in a white suit) emerges from an incredible 1933 Duesenberg "Twenty Grand" sedan. Today the Pantages' exterior looks fairly original, although it was necessary for me to recreate all of the original neon on the sign and marquee, as it was replaced decades ago with a much more simplified version. -- L.G.